7 Speakers. 7 Minutes. 4 Weeks of Training.  This is Stand Up For Passion, founded by dear friend and happiness entrepreneur Arnaud Collery. The theme was "Happiness" and I spoke about how unwrapping anger and the intense emotions of grief from my father's death taught me the importance of tapping into my emotions and created a sense of deep and sustainable happiness. I learned how to own my happiness from the inside out. 

I was asked to help "hack the body and the heart" at the SelfHackathon "Hacking Heart" on February 16th by a dear friend and rock-star Neuroscientist, Hypnotist and Founder of SelfHackathon, Patrycja Slawuta. Watch and learn 3 ways to radically love unconditionally.

'How can I get better sleep?' is a question that many people in our modern world are asking. In fact, we are more than asking, we are paying big to get it. With the rise of prescription sleeping aids, pods, sound machines and other ways to put us to sleep, we are literally dying to sleep. Anne Koller, CEO of TAPIN and former Sleep Class Instructor at Next Jump presents an ancient method, called Yoga Nidra, as an option to our sleep epidemic and asks an important question, "What if the thing we try to skip is the key to getting more quality sleep?" Talk recorded on Friday, May 6, 2016 as part of Next Jump’s First Friday Series.

On our first take for the NY Tribes Project take we had a serendipitous visit from the universe reminding us to laugh and have fun with life. Full Tribes video here:


After meeting a poet and producer on the 6 Train, I was invited to be interviewed on his TV station, BRIC TV about my journey of healing from grief on a Health and Wellness Channel.