“I choose to be me... because it’s what the world wants from me. And it’s what the world needs from all of us. To just be who we are. I choose to be here. And I choose it now. ”


Anne Koller is an artist and facilitator who believes that diving into the spectrum of human emotions is the only way to live free. Anne’s sudden loss of her father in 2011 spurred her to explore the intersection of emotion and the creative arts, resulting in The Ashes Project. For nearly a decade, Anne has courageously faced her feelings head on and encouraged others to do the same through such projects as TAPIN, Follow the Water, H2flOw and now, Free to Feel

 Anne guides corporations and individuals to pursue emotional wellness through art, meditation, movement, writing and other tools. She draws on a decade of experience at world-renowned organizations (e.g. Google and the World Economic Forum), as well as a unique background in athletics, yoga and community building, to craft experiences carefully designed to unleash the power of emotional awareness.

With a Master’s from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, experience working and living in four countries, and fluency in four languages, Anne seamlessly translates her unique approach for audiences around the world. Her voice has been featured in various media outlets, from Huffington Post and the Today Show to GOOD Magazine and New York’s Village Voice.

Anne was born and raised in inner-city Milwaukee and currently resides in Alameda, California.

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