the key to living a happy life is being curious and living in a state of wonder OF THE UNKNOWN.  It is Actively testing, experimenting and exploring whatever sparks your interest.




After reading in over 6 weddings, where I was assigned to pick the perfect poem or write one, I have become somewhat of a professional "Wedding Reader."  My most recent adventure took me into the world of wedding officiating after conducting my friend Amy and Steven's wedding August 2015.  What an honor to facilitate a joining of hearts, families and communities. I hope to continue in this adventure and perform other weddings.  Please contact me if you would like an overview of a spirit led wedding. 


I moved to Japan immediately after college and worked as an English Teacher for two years.  From there I moved to Brasil where I worked and lived in the richest neighborhoods in Rio Grande do Sul and Floripa and volunteered in the largest slum in Latin America, Rocinha.  Following Brasil I moved to a small village in Argentina where I taught and directed classes at a small school.

Living and teaching abroad came from a desire to experience the world through living amongst cultures, communities, languages that weren't my native land.  I learned other languages, met friends, explored, and tried new things. But the most magical thing that happened was that I deepened my knowledge about myself and my own culture.  By opening up to the world, the world opened itself to me and molded me into who I am today.  Not a flag. Not a country.  A woman of the world. Contact me if you are need advice on teaching or just want to share experiences.