for conferences and workshops

Synthesize the learnings, escalate the highs and rally the energy of the group with a poetic wrap up at the end of your conference or workshop. Participants will leave feeling inspired, ignited and have a video compilation of the notes they forgot to take.

Anne is the type of speaker who will leave no one indifferent!
— Arnaud Collery, Founder Of Stand Up for Passion
Through the vulnerability in her own authentic journey, Anne has an exceptional gift of inspiring collective attention and moving people. From Rio to Amman Jordan I witnessed her reach people’s depths, feeling into the room, sensing what’s needed to connect people into the moment. Refreshing and provocative!
— Melanie St. James, Founder of The Global Summit



7 Speakers. 7 Minutes. 4 Weeks of Training. This is Stand Up For Passion, founded by dear friend and happiness entrepreneur Arnaud Collery. The theme was "Happiness" and I spoke about how unwrapping anger and the intense emotions of grief from my father's death taught me the importance of tapping into my emotions and created a sense of deep and sustainable happiness. I learned how to own my happiness from the inside out.


I was asked to help "hack the body and the heart" at the SelfHackathon "Hacking Heart" on February 16th by a dear friend and rock-star Neuroscientist, Hypnotist and Founder of SelfHackathon, Patrycja Slawuta. Watch and learn 3 ways to radically love unconditionally.


'How can I get better sleep?' is a question that many people in our modern world are asking. In fact, we are more than asking, we are paying big to get it. With the rise of prescription sleeping aids, pods, sound machines and other ways to put us to sleep, we are literally dying to sleep. Anne Koller, CEO of TAPIN and former Sleep Class Instructor at Next Jump presents an ancient method, called Yoga Nidra, as an option to our sleep epidemic and asks an important question, "What if the thing we try to skip is the key to getting more quality sleep?" Talk recorded on Friday, May 6, 2016 as part of Next Jump’s First Friday Series.

On our first take for the NY Tribes Project take we had a serendipitous visit from the universe reminding us to laugh and have fun with life. Full Tribes video here: http://davidplakke.com/tribes-video-stills-4/
For me it’s always a magical experience to witness Anne Koller speak. Whether it’s an intimate group setting or a large scale event with thousands of people Anne always delivers the best version of herself and her message. She’s a rockstar when it comes to reaching people and inspiring their lives!
— Goldin Martinez, Founder of Get Focused


POETIC WRAP UP: The 5th annual Parade for Love in images, words and rhymes. New York City, May 2019.

SPOKEN WORD: Stand 4 Peace, Milwaukee

At Stand 4 Peace, in a celebration of 5 community crafted Peace Posts and fully painted basketball court Anne helped lead, Anne tells her story of growing up in an inner city neighborhood and her desire to return to her roots to stand for peace and unity.

SPOKEN WORD: Southwest Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit, 2018

On the last day of the Southwest CPLS Anne Koller graced us with a live reading of a spoken word poem written with the notes she took from the speakers at the conference.

SPOKEN WORD: The Artful Convention 2018

TAC gathered over 200 chiropractors, chiropractor students, healers, scientists in a three day integrative experience that empowered people to learn cutting edge techniques to better strengthen and heal the bodies, minds and hearts of their patients and themselves. It was more than a conference, it was a transformative experience. I listened to these “Artists” and had them express themselves by asking them three questions 1) What are you longing to release? 2) What is your secret sauce 3) What are you gonna do about it? With these expressions I wrote a 7 minute Spoken Word piece to sum up the conference.

When I first heard Anne speak, her words pierced through my mind and descended directly into my heart. We became instant friends for life.
— Ryan Fix, Founder of PureFix


After meeting a poet and producer on the 6 Train, I was invited to be interviewed on his TV station, BRIC TV about my journey of healing from grief on a Health and Wellness Channel.