Sleep Meditation 

Let your body sleep while your mind stays aware and increases your ability to memorize information, quickly visualize numbers and images, create multi-layered ideas and plant intentions that stick.

Yoga Nidra, translated as "Sleep awareness," is a meditation designed to fully relax the body and intellectual mind in order to create fertile ground for new habits, positive intentions, increased awareness and the ability to balance a range of emotions to take root and grow from deep within.

This 30 minute meditation includes visualizations, body scans, brain elasticity exercises, memory recall and breath counting. Participants are able get up to 2 hours of restful sleep, experience deep levels of relaxation, develop the ability to balance the varying emotions and situations that happen in the workplace with awareness and efficiency.

Benefits include:

- 30 minute session equals 2 hours of restful sleep
- Deep relaxation for the body
- Positive intentions can be planted deep in the subconscious and more likely to take root
- Ability to manage duality or contrasting emotions
- Increased energy level
- Improved brain elasticity and memorization ability
- Streamlines visualization and focus