Anne Koller

Be Free to Feel
Emotional Wellness
by Authentic Design

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My first book captures a year of emotions into words. Unedited, raw and vulnerable, my way of being free to feel.

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I have a deep passion for emotions and their ability to both challenge and celebrate our way of being as humans. I lead life and work through the colorful palette that emotions offer to co-create wholeness, strength, authenticity, self activation and full expression. My drive is to provide spaces and opportunities for everyone to be free to feel.



For the past ten years, I have been supporting people tap into their emotions through spoken word at conferences, interactive emotion-based art installations, corporate workshops, healing art classes and yoga and meditation. With a background in project management and design thinking strategy, I have a thorough understanding of how to feel through and evolve an inner process and know what it takes to execute on your own self activation.

Whether you’re stuck in an emotion, need help activating a group, or need to feel more emotionally well, I can help.




Anne Koller’s trainings are a powerful blend of both science and embodiment. They always leave me feeling more empowered and in touch with my emotions in a way that can actually support rather that distract
— Matthew Abrahams, CEO of Mycelium
Anne’s talk left me feeling uplifted, energized and more self-aware. I never realized how important it is to accept each emotion that we experience and to understand the why and how of those emotions
— Christina Menezes, Director of Growth, Decorilla
For me it’s always a magical experience to witness Anne Koller speak. Whether it’s an intimate group setting or a large scale event with thousands of people Anne always delivers the best version of herself and her message. She’s a rockstar when it comes to reaching people and inspiring their lives
— Goldin Martinez, Founder of GetFocused


TAPIN® Method
A group of co-workers, a gathering of friends, a room of strangers diving in to deeply understand and navigating life's tough to crack issues together - where strangers become friends, emotions are messengers, hard topics are fun challenges, meditation is tangible and art is collaborative. 



Motivational Talks
A spoken word that brings a conference to life, an interactive discussion on emotionally well leaders, an honest conversation about grief, let me help you curate an experience people will never forget. 



Scientifically designed asanas and breathing combined with deep relaxation and meditation to target and detox pain and imbalances within the three main systems of the body - nervous, glandular and circulatory - bringing balance to the internal organs and mind, establishing peace and alignment and unlocking your unique creative power.

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Sleep Meditation
A 30 minute systematic method for inducing a complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation while giving you the benefits of sleep. Right at work.  



Movement, support and relaxation are provided when we let water do the work for us. Watsu, water dance, floatation, swimming, we must find ways to be with water and keep it sacred.


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