Anne Koller

Free to Feel
Emotional Athlete


My first book captures a year of emotions into words. Unedited, raw and vulnerable, my way of being free to feel.

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We Are Water - featured in Free to Feel, is a poem written by water herself that makes a call to all of us to remember that we are water and to keep it sacred. Watch the below video.

"We are of the same drop. A multitude of droplets that make the whole." Water said to me in May of 2017. I started to weep and my body began to shake. I didn't know what was happening to me. All I could do was write down the words that were coming through fast and furious, angry and compassionate, frustrated and loving. Water had something to say. These are her words.



I am passionate about the power of emotions to challenge us, move us, and serve us in celebrating the depth of human experience. I believe creating from the full palette of emotions allows us to live as whole, authentic, strong, and activated beings. My purpose is to create space for everyone to be free to feel.

Anne’s talk left me feeling uplifted, energized and more self-aware. I never realized how important it is to accept each emotion that we experience and to understand the why and how of those emotions.
— Christina Menezes, Director of Growth, Decorilla


For over a decade, I have been guiding people to feel through and evolve their inner processes through conferences, art installations, workshops, art classes, yoga and meditation. With a unique background in community building, corporate culture, program design, and athletics, I craft carefully structured experiences for individuals and corporations to unleash the power of emotions.  

Anne Koller’s trainings are a powerful blend of both science and embodiment. They always leave me feeling more empowered and in touch with my emotions in a way that can actually support rather that distract.
— Matthew Abrahams, CEO, Mycelium


Whether you’re stuck in an emotion, hope to inspire a group to action, or desire more emotional wellness, I can help. From group meditation and motivational speaking, to individualized water healing and yoga practices, I stand ready to serve you in unlocking the power within.

For me it’s always a magical experience to witness Anne Koller speak. Whether it’s an intimate group setting or a large-scale event with thousands of people, Anne always delivers the best version of herself and her message. She’s a rock star when it comes to reaching people and inspiring their lives.”
— Goldin Martinez, Founder, GetFocused


Returning to my home neighborhood in inner-city Milwaukee to stand for peace through art, connection and community.

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TAPIN® Method
Whether it’s a group of coworkers, a gathering of friends, or a room of strangers, the TAPIN® Method allows individuals to navigate life’s tough-to-crack issues together. Dive in deep as hard topics become fun challenges, meditation becomes tangible, emotions become messengers, and strangers become friends.



Spoken word brings a conference to life, interactive discussions allow leaders to truly experience emotional wellness, and honest conversations about grief and depression provide the space for vulnerability to be lead with confidence and full expression. Let me help you curate a group experience people will never forget. 



Scientifically-designed postures and breathing exercises, combined with deep relaxation and meditation techniques, target and remove pain within the three main systems of the body—nervous, glandular and circulatory. Bring balance to the internal organs and mind, establish peace and alignment, and unlock your unique creative power through Kundalini Yoga.

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Sleep Meditation Method
This 30-minute method induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation, akin to the benefits of sleep. Rest and recuperate—right at work.



Support and relaxation flow easily when water does the work for us. Through Watsu therapy, dance, flotation and swimming, allow the sacredness of water to nurture the body and calm the mind.