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“I choose to be me... because it’s what the world wants from me. And it’s what the world needs from all of us. To just be who we are. I choose to be here. And I choose it now. ” ©davidplakkemedianyc2016


Anne Koller is an artist, author, and Chief Emotion Officer who believes that diving into the spectrum of human emotions is the only way to live free. Anne’s sudden loss of her father in 2011 spurred her to explore the intersection of emotion and the creative arts, resulting in art projects such as The Ashes Project, TAPIN, Follow the Water, and most recently her book of raw and unedited prose, Free to Feel. She draws on a decade of experience at global organizations such as Google and the World Economic Forum combined with expanded disciplines in Kundalini Yoga, meditation, spoken word, community building, and interactive art to craft experiences designed to unleash the power of emotions.

Anne guides corporations, communities and individuals to pursue emotional wellness through art, meditation, movement, writing and other tools. With a Master’s from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, experience working and living in four countries, and fluency in four languages, Anne seamlessly translates her unique approach for audiences around the world. Her voice has been featured in various media outlets, from Huffington Post and the Today Show to GOOD Magazine and New York’s Village Voice.

Anne is certified in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Art & Yoga, and Fluid Presence.

Anne was born and raised in inner-city Milwaukee and currently resides in Oakland, California.

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Previous Work

1. Free to Feel Art Experience, 2019
An interactive experience of poetry from my first book, Free to Feel, music inspired by the elements that calls participants to move, create and express their emotions.  Participants both read the poems and help lead the dance segments. Free to Feel has been performed in San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Los Angeles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJgX9Umm53I

2. We Are Water, 2018
We are water is a poem that I channeled from the words of water in May 2017.  I was overcome with emotion - frustration, anger, compassion, sorrow, passion, joy.  I realized the water was speaking through me and wanted to give voice to and it became this poem.  This poem has been translated into Russian and I am looking to translate it into Spanish and Portuguese and other languages and use it as part of a performing art piece. Video: https://vimeo.com/302480187

3. Peace Post Project, 2018
I was commissioned to partner with seven local community groups in my former neighborhood to create 5 peace posts and design a basketball court in the midtown neighborhood. We led three community workshops, started two community groups and led residents in a peacemaking process that resulted in five peace posts, with 250 clay tiles in 12 feet tall cedar posts that are permanent structures in the Tiefenthaler park. Project Video: https://vimeo.com/296426872 Featured:https://youtu.be/tUfWHGCjma4

5. TAPIN, 2013-2015
TAPIN was birthed from the desire to visualize and bring our intangible emotions to life and interact with them in a new way.  TAPIN resulted in over five public interactive, multimedia installations in New York City to show that vulnerability is strength and encourage people to tap into the power of their emotions. http://www.thetapin.org/ourart

6. The Ashes Project, 2012
The Ashes Project was a way for me to visualize the grief process I was going through with photos, videos and storytelling that resulted in four photoshoots - Despair, Loneliness, Darkness and Anger - to create a way for me to share how I faced loss and encourage others to share their journeys to healing. http://theashesproject.com/

Curricula Vitae


2019 Art & Yoga Mentorship Course
2018 Fluid Presence Level 1 and 2 (Watsu & Water Dance)
2011   Masters of Public Administration, Columbia University
2002    Dual Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and Japanese, University of Minnesota


2019 Free to Feel Art Experience
ACA, San Francisco | Wild Studios, New York | The Space, Los Angeles
2018 Stand 4 Peace, Tiefenthaler Park, Milwaukee
2014 Crack Your Emotion Code, Wall Street, New York
2014 Own Happiness, AQUA Studio, New York
2013 Out Fear, First Street Green Art Park, New York


2019 Women at the Well Retreat, Yelapa, Mexico
2018-19 Free to Feel Artist Workshop (Austin, Berkeley, New York, Utah)
2017-19 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Berkeley


2019 What Happens When We Parade For Love, New York, USA
2018 Home to Me, Milwaukee, USA
2018 Are We Making a Difference?, Denver, USA
2017 Artful Convention of Life, Oakland, CA 
2015 Owning Happiness From the Inside Out,, New York, USA

published works

2019 Free to Feel Album Audiobook
2018 Free to Feel: Creating from Emotions
2015 The Radical Healing Effects of Water, SONIMA Magazine

Artist Statement

Emotions have always led my art.  Whether it was the grief after my father died, the fear and joy of working with water, the betrayal of losing my job, creating from raw, vulnerable emotion, is my method, and I believe, the truest way art can be expressed.  My interdisciplinary experiential work is informed by my deep and evolving curiosity around the undeniable link between emotions and creativity. I explore experiences of sorrow, grief, joy, anger and self doubt, and translate their messages into words, images, music and multimedia visuals. I am inspired by our connection to water and the elements, specifically our emotional relationship to them.   My hope is that my art does not shy away from life’s tough encounters, but that it gives emotions a platform to be the colors in which to paint from. I combine poetry with music, video and hand drawn intuitive paintings to create experiences for people to draw from their own well of feelings and express their innate artistry. I am interested in creating spaces, places and experiences for people to be free to feel and create from their deepest longings.