From magazines to articles to blogs to a book, writing has always been a way to express my emotions and passions through words. Contact me at anne@thetapin.org if you need help writing your own masterpiece.


Article - 2015

I joined a swim team and after winning my first swim race, I had found my dream sport and prescription. In four years, I would become one of the best swimmers in the state and in six years I would be part of the two-time Big Ten Championship Swim Team at the University of Minnesota with no back pain and a miraculously improved spine (curvature reduction in double digits). My recovery story was featured on the front page of the local paper and on TV and my experience sparked a lifelong passion for learning about and sharing with others the healing potential of water.

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Personal Blog - Since 2013
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Article - November 2018
After a year of doing projects around the country, I am in Summit Lake [Akron, Ohio] celebrating the League of Creative Interventionists' year of work with the community. As the sun sets over the lake, it creates a picturesque view of a 200-person dinner filled with residents, leaders, and Knight Foundation and Reimagining Civic Commons Directors.

I wonder, “Why the f*#k am I not doing this work in my own city, in my own 'hood?” I know in that moment it is time for me to come home—to do space-making not in Akron or Philly, Charlotte or Macon, but in the community that raised me, in the Midtown neighborhood in the heart of Milwaukee.

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Article - December 2017

After working in social good for some time — in favelas in Brazil, in coffee fields in Rwanda, at Davos [the World Economic Forum annual meeting] with some of the world’s most powerful leaders — I thought I would have become a diplomat by now, or work in the foreign service. I speak four languages, I have a Masters degree in public administration from Columbia... Sometimes I have guilt and ask myself why I’m not still out there.

But what I’ve learned is that we are unable to create true social good if our service is inauthentic, if it feels responsibility-driven and not in line with our true purpose. Social good is about aligning with what makes us truly unique and then magnifying that to serve others. Someone else might feel that working in an orphanage is their purpose — in fact, I know lots of people do, and that’s a wonderful thing — but it’s not mine.

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