Free to Feel Artist Lab
six week online course with Anne Koller
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In our busy and fast-paced lives, emotions often seem like nuisances, popping up when we least expect or want them to, a consequence of an event or situation out of our control.  Because of this we often decide to ignore, hide and store away uncomfortable emotions to avoid being seen as “emotional”, “crazy”, or worse yet, “weak.” But what if we could use our emotions to live a more creative, confident and happy life?  And what if our greatest artistry stems from channeling our emotions - from joy and excitement to fear and frustration - into authentic relationships, experiences and physical ARTifacts?

Free to Feel is an experience of harnessing and honing our creative process as a way to be emotionally well and agile and to use emotions as the drivers of our creativity.  In this six week Free to Feel Artist Lab, Anne Koller, author of Free to Feel and Chief Emotion Officer of TAPIN, will lead you through the Free to Feel process incorporating emotional wellness training, Kundalini yoga and meditation, movement, poetry, and painting, combined with collective sharing and discussion, one-one coaching and an art partner, to give you the tools to access your inner inspiration, instill a process for managing your emotions and incorporate creative flow into everyday.

Whether it is a project you want to pick back up, an art hobby you want to explore further, a desire to complete an article or part of a book, or a longing to find rich inspiration for your personal or professional life, you decide the canvas you will create on.   Focus on a project or piece of art you want to bring to life and delve into it through the various angles and expressions of emotions in this course, leaving with your own portfolio of art from the heart.

I am generally the kind of person who always comes across strong and all together - so of course you know that means that there’s a lot that I can’t / won’t deal with in the interest of maintaining the current pace. Walking into Anne’s Free to Feel workshops allowed me to give myself permission to experience my feelings in a way that I hadn’t explored. I was able to examine and express each emotion in a safe space through art, movement and voice. Walking out of there each time, I felt as though a weight had been lifted from me and I had the strength to keep going.

— Jasmine Rincon, Visual Artist
The Feel to Feel experience is a portal to igniting your creative spark flowing between dance, visual art, and storytelling. This way of making art dials you back into your internal wisdom, while inspiring you to attune to the artist that lives inside of you.
— Suzanne Astar, Movement Specialist and Healer
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October 13-November 17, 2019
Live courses Sundays

October 13-19
Week One: Intro to Emotions and Art
Learning about emotions and what they are, where they live and how to track them

October 13: Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST Live One Hour Zoom Class
October 15: Midweek inspiration videos
October 16-19: Submit art + 30 minute pARTner check in; One-on-one with Anne

October 20-26

Week Two: Fire - Angry, Anxious, Passionate, Powerful
Unwrapping and alchemizing anger and anxiety into passion

October 20th: Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST Live One Hour Zoom Class
October 22nd: Mid week video inspiration video 
October 23-26: Submit art + 30 minute pARTner check in

October 27-Nov 2

Week Three: Water - Fearful, Sad, Resilient, Graceful
Flowing through grief and sadness with grace

October 27th: Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST Live One Hour Zoom Class
October 29th: Mid week video inspiration video 
October 30-Nov 2nd: Submit art + 30 minute pARTner check in

Nov 3-9
Week Four: Earth - Lonely, Reflective, Confused, Aware
Finding center and who you are  in the midst of confusion and impatience

November 3: Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST Live One Hour Zoom Class
November 5th: Mid week video inspiration video 
November 6-9 Submit art + 30 minute pARTner check in

November 10-16

Week Five: Air - Impatient, Aching, Hopeful, Carefree
Dancing in the unknown with hope

November 10th: Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST Live One Hour Zoom Class
November 12th: Mid week video inspiration video 
November 13-16: Gather artwork and prepare + 30 minute pARTner check in; 1:1 w/ Anne

November 17

Week Six: Artist Show & Share (2 hours)
November 17th: Artists will share their art journey and final art piece


When we do yoga, we allow ourselves to go within and be with our feelings, sensations and desires.  We feel safe enough to access areas of hardness and tension, pain and pleasure. And often times we receive clear insight and messages from this colorful garden within that leave us once we get off the mat.  We will use Kundalini Yoga to open us physically and emotionally and tap into the creative force laying stagnant in the spine combined with art. This course will utilize the gifts of Kundalini kriya, pranayama and meditation to support the softening of the heart and its expression of your inner color pallet of emotions.

We will be exploring the ways in which we can discover, uncover and explore our emotional bodies through sensation, tracking, and experiencing.  This TAPIN Method was developed by Anne Koller in 2013 and has been utilized for trainings and workshops for over 5 years. You will learn ways to understand and identify how you feel, communicate better, improve your relationships and feel confident in who you are.

The course will encompass a variety of art forms to be inspired by and to try on - from poetry, music, illustration to painting, movement to visuals, we will collectively explore a diverse array of art modalities to expand your artistic expression and land on your unique art modality(ties) and ways 
of integrating it into your everyday.

Often times creating can seem lonely and isolating.  We need help in our journey with emotions and self-expression and to have people who stand for our truest activation.  We need partners in Art or “pARTners.” This course provides two one-one sessions with Anne, access to a private group of fellow artists and one course pARTner you will check in with once a week.  All to support, celebrate and be inspired by who you are, how you feel and the truth you express.


  • You have always wanted to go deeper into one of your art hobbies

  • You are a writer, creative, blogger, designer, painter, dancer

  • You have never considered yourself an artist

  • You are amped about a project and can’t wait to have dedicated time to work on it

  • You put down a project long ago and want to pick it back up

  • You want to find ways of being inspired

  • You have strong emotions and want to learn how to manage them and use them to fuel your passion in life

  • You want to be better at expressing yourself at work, in relationships, at home


  • One live zoom call with the entire group a week (one hour) 

  • Mid-week inspiration videos, activities and homework

  • Two one-on-one sessions with Anne Koller

  • One pARTner to support you and check in with once a week

  • Intimate course of 15 participants maximum

  • Copy of the Free to Feel book and Album Audiobook


  • Desire to create a portfolio of illustrations and drawings

  • Go deeper into an idea for a book

  • Desire to establish a daily drawing / writing practice

  • Want to generate inspiration and ideas for blog posts / articles

  • Poems you want to infuse with more imagery

  • Want to write songs

  • Unsure - but something is bubbling within waiting to come out


  1. Art book: This could be an 8.5 x 11 art book or journal.  Something without lines or grids. Clean pages. Some examples HERE and HERE.  Buy something you can easily bring with you anywhere, something you love, something you will be excited to use everyday.  

  2. Writing / Drawing Pencils: Order some Oil pastels online HERE or go to Michaels.  See if you can deals on Black sketch Chalk, colored pencils, markers, and watercolor / environmentally safe paint.  See if you can get a few of each. Use old materials if need be. 

  3. Notes: Start a new “Notes” folder on your mobile device.  You will be using this for your “Lucid stream of consciousness and need to have it available near your bedside. 

  4. Yoga mat / comfy place to do yoga and meditate: Get a yoga mat, sheepskin or comfy part of the floor where you can do yoga and meditate.  Preferably somewhere safe and quiet where you can also have your art supplies available.


$460 for 2 people
*No refunds once signed up

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